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Discounts Through Provengo

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1236570_10151876824795908_88826920_n.jpg Discounts are available to all Active/Retired Military, Veterans, First Responders, Law Enforcement, Healthcare Employees, Education, and Government Workers. Provengo was established in 2004 and we’re currently located in North Merrick, NY. We’re a free members-only website that offers special pricing on all brands Huk, Gillz, Oakley, YETI, and other top brands. To become a free member with us, please join here...

Marine Detail Supply - Shop Visit

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46093469_1080143732110447_1787639300687396864_n.png I was invited to visit and take a tour of "Marine Detail Supply" in Ft. Myers by their Managing Director / John Watkins, and it was an awesome and very education visit! Of course for myself, going to a Detail Supply Facility is like a Candy Store... This as I look over all the Chemicals, Tools, and specialized Buffer Pads. I have to be careful and keep my hands on my camera and...

Capt. Mike Anderson / Tampa Bay, Florida

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My honor to introduce you to my dear friend (at least 15 years now) who is just an Awesome radio host and a great guide Captain Mike Anderson! 125256595_10157663309930222_3980514557944501621_o.jpg As some know, I knew Captain Mel Berman, we went fishing together and I even sat in on a few of Mel's Radio shows. When he passed away back in 2010, the torch for his long running radio show up in Tampa Bay on 970 WFLA, was rightfully...

AmeraTrail Trailers

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ameratrail-logo-140.png We have had discussions and questions in the past on trailers, how to maintain and service them, and how to best upgrade them! The posting for me on the subject that comes to mind 1st is this one naturally...