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Couple of links you need to know!

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Good Afternoon! Our Site has a lot of useful content, and I am sure quite a number of our members are not even aware of such. So here is a real quick guide to help you get the most out of your time on our Site, and many of the Knowledge Base features it has to offer :cool: 1st off, we have some resources on this link that might come in handy for you that have Triumph Boats much of it, you would be hard pressed to find any place else on the Internet: [URL...

Keelguard now in place

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Keelguard now installed for those times I may go bump while scouting out new waters that have Oyster Beds that I did not, or could not see ;) The water is pretty grungy around here right now, and looks more like chocolate milk than water :confused: Now this was the 6 foot version (as recommend by Megaware for this size of hull) and started it right below the bow eye cut out for the hull, and it stopped right were the hull flattens out and fits just perfect! Highly recommend that you...

Ideas for your Present or Next Bass or Fishing Rig

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Now granted, few of us have the sponsors to have a monster like this built... But there are great ideas many of us can copy from and employ on ours, to make them even more efficient the next time we are on the water :cool:
Now that is one heck of a Office :)

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