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Help in keeping your boat clean

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My buddy Capt Blair, has some great tips in this short video with products to use to help keep your boat clean ;)
Now as I have posted in the past, I have always been a big fan of their Mildew cleaner! Great stuff, just be careful if it lands on your skin :oops: Their non skid cleaner though I will be testing here soon (just got it) now that we have a Fiberglass Skiff. The Non Skid has some stains on it from a combo of my dirty hands working on things...

Adjusting trailer tongue weight for the best handling of your boat.

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Got a new or older trailer that is fish tailing behind your tow vehicle? Well if you have no more space to adjust the boat position "on" the trailer... Then this way of adjusting the trailer axle position, should do the trick :cool: https://www.performanceoutdoors.net...d-adjusting-your-trailer-tongue-weight.10285/