120 triumph - a funny story


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...hi forum members,

looks like i am the only 120 center console member - but i am proud to be the owner of this little strong rocket, you ask why - here is my story:
happened 3 years ago, at the miami beach marina.
my 120 is stored on top of my hyundai 49 as dinghy and not often in use,. but one day i made the decission to cruise the area and tried to davit her down, from 22 feet ,the top of my sundeck.
in the moment i started the davit switch to let her down, my line broke and this little beauty smashed ,with a big band, down into the ocean, right between my and a neighbours wooden oldtimer boat - this was a headturner - everyone around thought its a 100% loss of this beauty - after the first shock, we searched this little rocket for damages and believe it or not - nothing - engine, center console, everything what was screwed on, was still in place, the rest, batterie and tank, gps, and all the loose items where gone with the strong currence of the miami beach marina.
now i and my wife feel safer at the 120er, than in the big 49er. when i ask her: do we go with the big or with the small one ? she answers: small one offcourse.
sorry for my bad english, but i am german with limited school english.
enjoy your strong boats-
yours dd