120sdcc w/yamaha 25 4/s very low stern



I just bought a leftover 2004 120sdcc with 25hp yamaha 4-stroke. I put it in the water today and the stern sits very low in the water. With 1 person (me, 220 Lbs.) in the boat there is only about 3" of transom above water. This really concerns me. Does this seem normal for this particular model?

Also, I have sealed the (2) drain plugs in the stern with Elastomeric, but there is a 3rd plug on the floor in the center behind the bench seat. Is this also a thru hull plug, or should this be left open? (the dealer left this plug out) I put it in.

Any suggestions for installing a bilge pump? At the end of the day there was several inches of water in the bilge area. I'm hoping this was just splashover from the bow (and stern) as it was pretty choppy out. And the few times I had to put the boat in reverse I did get water over the transom.

All in all I'm happy with the boat as it performed about as expected. Allthough I can't imagine putting 3 people in this boat.

I apologize for all the "beginners" questions and I appreciate any input I can get.