195 CC & Lights Not Working - Yikes!


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Hi All,

Just got to say, love this forum, I have learned so much as a new boat owner. Keep up the great work to all you who provide answers.

My navigation lights and select other electrical parts do not work, never have - yes I was dumb enough to not have EVERYTHING checked in the excitement of buying a boat.


For example (see attached picture) ... after installing the winterized batteries yesterday (yes they were on a charger and work great) and looking for blown fuses or anything that would cause the power not to make it this light switch, I found nothing obvious. I have a multimeter that I used on those two wires shown in the picture - - Nothing. I looked at the wiring schematic from forum,and tried to trace that back - no luck.

This courtesy light is not getting power no mater what switch I turn on from the console or battery switch location, although i am not sure the console switches turns on that light anyway, as it is a push to turn on style light. Regardless - no juice, so makes no sense to replace the light if there is no power to begin with.

Where does that power come from that sources this light? I only found one in-line fuse inside the console, and it was fine. Thoughts??

I do know some of the breakers behind the user control panel do not work and I will replace the ones that don't seem to reset (maybe will replace all of them while I am in there). Here is the list of electrical stuff not working (not to pile on, but really need some help)

- Front Red / Green Navigation light
- Top of boat white navigation light
- Both courtesy lights on the bottom of the center console, each side
- Fish well water intake pump

Any help from any of you experts would be greatly appreciated.
Happy Easter to all, thanks in advance

John from Glosta