2002 170 DC Trailer Bunks - what length are yours?

'02 Triumph 170 DC

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The trailer that came with my boat (2002 170 DC) when I bought it from my neighbor is a 2003 EZ Loader with the Triumph decal on it and the frame snapped from rust. So, I bought another EZ Loader trailer, a bit longer and much sturdier, but it has rollers instead of bunks. So I removed the hardware from the old trailer and the roller setup from the new one. Then I looked at the 170 trailer schematics found in the resources section and saw that it shows the bunks as two 12' and two 8'. But my old trailer has two 10' and two 7' bunks. Those of you with 170's, what year is your boat and what length are your trailer bunks?

TL;DR: what length are your trailer bunks for your 17' Triumphs and what year is your boat?

Dave LeGear

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