2003 Triumph 190 DC possibly for sale


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I am getting a little older (80 years young) and am thinking about selling my 2003 Triumph 190 DC (dual console) with a 150 hp Johnson carbureted 2 cycle motor. I presently live in the Myrtle Beach area but bought the boat in California about 3 years ago. Apparently I like the idea of slowly working on things rather than using them since I have never put the boat in the water. The boat, motor and trailer are in good condition and I don't think it has ever been in salt water. (based on condition of trailer and motor). Previous owner had it for several years and only used it on California lakes and only used it a couple time a year. I am not in a hurry to sell but if anybody is interested let me know. I am not sure what they are worth but would guess somewhere in the 9-10K range. The upholstery needs to be recovered due to the California desert sun. I have made several small upgrades that make it much easier to maintain. If you have any interest or want to make any comments, I will be happy to respond. Windshields have been removed so boat can be covered.


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