2007 Triumph 215 CC W/Mercury Optimax 175


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She's not a common boat on the west coast, but I'm determined to make this boat fish like a dream. Full new Garmin electronics coming soon.

I had the same one. Great boat.
She's a hell of a step up from my last boat in terms of comfort, safety and features. I'm excited to keep it for many many years.
I've said it many times; I should have never sold mine.
She is more popular than you think, many sold here in cali.
Enjoy; I now have a 2009 215 after owning a 195 and a 150. They are great boats. This one is the all-around boat. It sits low to the water in the back for crabbing and has a good hull design, so you can still go out when it is rough and fish the bay.