2008 Factory Inner Hull Drains?



I have been a member and have enjoyed reading these forums for quite some time now. I have great interest in buying a 215CC. I really like the 235CC, but at almost double the money, I just can't justify the price. I understand (and please correct me if I am wrong), but the issues with regards to the inner hull drains/water problems on the 215CC has been fixed with the 235CC. I also understand that owners can install their own inner hull drains on their 215CC. However, the question begs to be asked - Will Triumph offer factory inner hull drains on the future 2008 215CC models? I don't want to mess with anything like that on a new boat that I buy. And that also includes having some after-market dealer do it for me. If I purchase a 215CC, then I would do so much more readily if it has been redesigned that way from the factory. Thanks.


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Zachary, thanks for posting, but factory may or may not ever have that drain as standard.

I had my dealer install the drain on our 2005 210CC. It is still there, and we tighten it before going out (yes we also lube the o-ring) and we open it up when we put her back on the trailer. We do get a drop or two out every now and then, but could be from the garden hose and the pressure washer when the boat is on our driveway. The boat is stored in our garage, so rain water is not an issue.

Glad I have it, and would have it installed again. Just rather be safe than sorry. Besides, if I hit a dock or something else real hard and cause the hull problem's, that drain might help me spot the problem sooner instead of later. If I purchased a 235, I would have a drain installed in it. For that matter, I would have a drain installed in any boat I may own. It just allows me to sleep better knowing I do not have a problem.