2013 186FS Scupper drains


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I am the lucky recipient of a 2013 Triumph 186FS. While cleaning the interior, on the trailer and bilge drain out, I was having a problem with the starboard side draining. I unscrewed the deck filter and there was a black ball amongst the dirt. I cleaned out the debris and left the ball out but it still did not drain well. I checked the transom drain outlets and had to pry the black covers out. The starboard side did not help but there was some debris in the port side drain and the starboard scupper started to drain much better. Interestingly, I took out the port side scupper deck screen and there was not a ball inserted as in the starboard side. I would assume these balls are there to act as a check valve of sorts since the transom drains would be below water level. Any thoughts on any of this? Of course, any positive thoughts will be welcomed!
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