210 Baitwell drain thru hull


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I have a 2001 logic 210 and can't stand the baitwell draining to the deck. Has anyone modified their drain to drain to the thru hull drain.
The triumph 215 fix is what I'm interested in doing although modifying the 85 gal tank for the space under the baitwell seems drastic. With the limited space between the gas tank and baitwell it would need a shallow thru hull 90 degree fitting.
I have looked thru the forums but only saw a reference to someone doing this! If there is someone who has done this I would be interested in how and with what material you used.
I have thought of using a 1 1/4" sink drain an modifying a 90 degree to elliptical outlit fitting to it.
When I removed the baitwell when I bought the boat I had added led lights to the outside of the baitwell but didn't realize the drain to so lacking in function.
Any advise would be appreciated.