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Hi Folks,

I have been trying to decide on what boat to buy for a long time. I sold my last, an Arima back in 2002. Towing vehicles, job issues and other "stuff" always got in the way. Also the need for a boat that can handle the sloppy stuff in the Delaware and Chesapeake Bays so that I can actually have my family want to go out slowed me down (i have been considering cats, but they are beyond my means). I've looking at Triumph boats for a long time, I love the low maintenance aspect. I spent as much time cleaning my Arima as I did going out (OK, not exactly, but it seemed that way).

I have primarily focused on the 210/215 based on my states 8'-6" rule for trailered boats. But I saw an old thread response by Osprey Vic on THT about do police actually stop folks to measure the trailer width and what kind of police state would do that. It got me thinking about the 235 which I think would be a better fit. I will likely have as many as 6 adults and 2 small kids out on sloppy water. I need to be able to pull tubes and skiers with that crew. I like the increased length, increased seating locations and a bit more dead-rise to handle slop. I have some questions tho.

The dead-rise is described as variable. Does that mean it varies bow to stern, so the stern in 22 degrees? Or does it vary like Sailfish boats, from center-line outward?

I have also read about folks having real issues getting the 235 on plane at "low" speeds and then keeping it "stable" when underway. By stable, I have read that folks moving around when underway caused the boat to rock side to side, described as a bit "un-nerving". This was described even when using trim tabs and T/T of the motor. Anyone have these issues?

What is the minimum engine size that should be considered? I have seen most with a 250 Yamaha, but there is one in Virginia with a Honda 225. Is that too small?

Lastly, is there anyone who owns a 235 in the mid Atlantic area that would consider giving me a ride? I live in northern Delaware, but would consider driving a bit to take a ride.

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