235 Hull Cracks


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So when I pulled the boat prior to getting deployed i found some cracks in the Transom area of the hull.
This boat boat stays in the water when Im home and I usually only walk around it once or twice every 3 months. Once when I get ready to put it in and once when I pull clean and store it. Sometimes Ill pull it out to do maintenance in between those two but not often. Iv had this boat for about a year.
The cracks are all in the "U" shaped cutout for the engine and above the more solid sounding lower area. (I did a quick tap test to see how it all sounded)
All of the cracks on the LH side looking forward extend thru the radius about 1/4 on each side and look like they are all the way thru. The crack on the RH side is circular and on the horizontal surface that the motor. It doesn't look like its made it all the way thru the plastic yet.
I took some pics but had to get the boat ready for storage and had a long series of flights the next day.
The questions are:
1 How bad is this? :oops:
2 What is the cause?
3 Should they be fixed with the route damage and weld in new material method shown in the triumph videos?
Pics are attached below, I can try to edit them for more clarity if needed.
Outside of a plastic whale tail the 2008 F250 prop and hull are all unmodified as far as I know.
Comments appreciated!!


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