A Big Welcome Aboard for Bob's Machine Shop!


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We have a new member that we are most grateful to have come onboard for both the Site and more important... This targeted Forum section as well as several others, since they (Bob's Machine Shop) make such a wide range of Outboard Performance as well other great Boating Accessories!

So Randy and I are very pleased to announce that Steve Pelini from BMS (Bob's Machine Shop) out of Tampa, Florida... Has now joined us to help field product questions all related to their great line of Outboard Engine Jack Plates, their excellent Stabilizer Plates (which have always been a big hit here for years) This as well as their entire line of Boating Accessories that you may or may not be aware they Designed and Market for the Boating Industry. And many hear know I have, as well as several other long time and well respected members here have bought, used, beat to death, and recommend their line of quality products for over 14 plus years now :)

So help educate all of our members on their ever expanding BMS product line (even some I was not aware they now carry) I have attached a copy of their latest catalog and included a couple of video's I found on some of their newer products ;)

Here is a quick video by Steve, on their recent "Quick Slip" cam levers which I may need to try myself, now that I have that larger 9 inch Lowrance on the Skiff. Does look like it would make it much faster to remove / install as well as hold it more securely in place.

Another one on some current and expanded product line... I see some other possible upgrades in my future when watching this one :p

And lastly (for now) one that really caught my eye since anything the will help negate Trolling Motor noise is a huge help for us Skinny Water Guys!

I'm quite confident that they are designed and built to the same rugged standards as their Stabilizer (hydrofoil) and jack plates, and will last you a long time. And more important if you do have an issue or just a product question, I always received great service no matter when I called or whom I spoke with over the years!

Now Steve's screen name is "StevenBobsMachine" and should be pretty easy to pick him out when he adds to a question or post something with the BMS logo as his Avatar!

So thanks again Steve, and a big "Welcome Aboard" from Randy and myself. We are looking forward to working with you even more in the near future!

Now if you do call or order any of their great products, do let them know the guys from Performance Outdoors sent you :cool:

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