Anyone have answers to these ? Buying a 2009 1700 Skiff


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Getting ready to buy a 1700 Skiff in a few days, took it for a water test and
it ran good, almost back to the ramp the Honda BF75A 4 stroke went into alarm and low idle
gave it a moment idling and it then ran ok again
Owner took it to Honda dealer and they found no reason for alarm but rebuilt all 4 carbs
I guess thats a good thing except now he wants more for it $$

Opinions on

1. Whats up with the scuppers being below the waterline? current owner has plugs for them
after reading posts here I guess its a normal for certain Triumphs
2. Dealer put New floor on top of original that developed soft spots
Does this cause future problems
3. Triumph trailer has 2 bunks, is this proper for this boat?
4. I have inspected the hull and transom, are cracks easy to spot?
5. The draft at the back of the boat with 2 of us on board was 7 inches sound ok?
6. Any other things I should look for before I lay down my cash?

Really like this boat compared to my 17CC Key Largo which was only rated for 5 passengers
the 1700 Skiff is rated for 9 and I mainly do inshore rivers and creeks
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