Bait well not filling


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Last year I had to replace the pump for my baitwell/raw water wash, because the housing broke where the hose connects to it. Now that I am down south I went to use it and I can not get it to fill. The I can hear the motor kick on when I hit the switch but nothing happens. I have tried the sea cock both up and down. I am currently filling the baitwell with water to see if I can flow out bound through the lines. It is a brand new pump and I don't want to disassemble it to check it. Any Ideas.

Also I just noticed I have water coming up through the middle of the sealant the runs down the center of my bilge where the stainless steel beam runs the length of the keel. I only get about a shot glass of water from my inner hull drain and the two on the sides of the bilge are dry when I open them. I don't know how that center channel is structured but I am probably going to dig out all the sealant, suck out the water and fill with new sealant as what is in there is cracking and coming loose at the edges.