Boat and Skiff selection process...


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I am the very last one to make comments about the quality of any one builder of Boat for I know how to look one over, and pretty much tell you, if it is worth the money spent... And yes, there is a lot to be said about "Getting what you pay for" but what do we do when what one received, is not even worth that?

Or worse, we all work hard for our money, and getting a new Boat for us Big Kids, is like Santa dumping over the entire sled (He uses a Skiff here in Florida since Reindeer don't walk on water ;) ) in your yard all at once! LOL... Really sad to both hear and see, how some, and it really quite plain from the evidence on this one, simply don't care how much you spend and the QC controls are a total afterthought IF even present? :rolleyes:

Now, I do think this example a little verbose at times... This one though is an awesome lesson on what to look for and NOT buy with all your hard earned money! And do not assume that Brand New means much at times, all that shinny Fiberglass can cover up a myriad of sins, so take your time before ANY delivery and final sign off! Much easier to simply drive away without it and return (worse if long distance I agree) than hope it will get corrected later on when you bring it back and it becomes a He said She said shouting contest :confused:

So, as I was trained in the Military... "Read and Learn from other's mistakes for you more than likely will NOT live long enough, to survive them all yourself" This I think is a good example of the same thought process, and why I presented here for your review / education ;)

Tight Lines!