Boat Repair and Upgrade Template

Dave LeGear

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A little Excel sheet (link below) I put together to help best plan your repair and upgrades projects. Besides, you will never remember them all in logical order, past the age of 30 anyway ;) This so you can sort and tackle them according to section / sub system and importance...

The tabs are color coded to help pick them off quicker, and I made the Hull section red since those "sometimes" impact if she is going to stay Afloat or not...

Then you can just cut and past those you complete, onto the "Completed" Tab for a final tally and to help with resale assessment IF that is your End Goal. This for your next New one, or if engaged in Boat Flipping Projects during this Hot Market for used vessels :cool:

You can download it from this link and make yourself a local copy: Boat Repair and Upgrade Tracking Sheet

Hope this helps, and I print off a copy at times to take with me to the Boat, this so I don't miss a project or combo of projects, all in one work session.

Also, if you enjoy the Site don't forget tell your friends (It's free) to join us and help out, share their talents and wisdom with us also!

Tight Lines!
I downloaded the template last night and I have to say it is a good tool for organizing a project.
I added a few things as they came up and can esitmate cost and well as end project cost.