Casting Deck (Sundeck) and Bow Filler Cushions


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I started a new thread for this to make it more searchable and to keep the overnighting thread from growing into a thousand tangents.

Here's the casting platform and bow filler cushions accessory sold by Triumph. We haven't installed it yet, but it's self-supporting so we were already able to use it. We still need to screw two plastic blocks on the sides of our gunwhales where the folding drink holders are - that will keep the platform from being able to slide back towards the ice chest.

The other thing we need to do is install snaps on the top to align with where the cushions sit on our boat.

You can see our folded bow dodger. Also a Triumph accessory. The casting platform comes in two pieces that fit together tongue-in-groove:

Here it is with the filler cushions. They sit about 4" lower than the ice chest cushion. For our overnight trips, we use a 4" thick foam rubber to make it even, and make a softer bed.

The platform is made of solid plastic, and it's THICK and heavy. Very sturdy.

You can see two of the four fold-out legs that make this platform self supporting:

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