Changed Corroded Wires and made Access Panel for Hull


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Had a little project today on the 2002 190 Bay. It took 2 days to complete. Quick details on the project. Top 3 switches on the panel didn't work (bilge pump, navi lights, live well pump). Found out prior owner wired the navi lights to the trolling motor batteries and added a switch there to turn the front lights on. The rear white light didn't work either. Ended up following the ground wire from the bow lights to the back and tested it to see if it was good, which it wasn't. The junction in the back where ground wires were connected was corroded and the cancer spread between 1-3 feet away from that spot. Ended up changing out most of the wires from there. Mostly ground wires but also rewired some power wires for the pumps. Anyone that has a 190 knows how much of a pain it is to work on the pumps through that access panel. A buddy and I ended up cutting up the floor for access then adding a hinge to make an access panel for later. Could of been a little bit nicer but came out pretty decent for a first timer. Attached are pics.