Custer State Park, South Dakota: Wildlife Photography


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Our newest Recognized Leader (Stafford Fuhs) just got back from a trip to South Dakota, and he sent me note with a short video link of his trip he just finished editing and posted.

He also advised me that some it was taken with his newer Nikon P950 most notably zooming out from Harney's peak which was about 5 miles away from his position when he shot it. Not bad at al,l considering the design intent of the that camera and the bang for the buck it can give ;)

I also enjoy the mixture of Black and White footage blended in with the rest of the full color work. As a fan of both Ansel Adams and more so of Clyde Butcher, nice to see Black and White is not totally become a lost art! So I hope you enjoy it (share your love if you do) and Stafford is working on some more content and tips to share with us here soon :cool:

Good Shooting!