Dick i am just fustrated with the water in inner hull



I install the inner hull drain and was working on the splash well water issue to just notice the deep pocket filling up again after i pump the water out just to see the inner foam is full of water underneath the box. how can i get all of this water out the inner hull drain that is hardly have anything coming out. Open to suggestions, (should i install more plugs in the hull to drain from?)


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Striperking, I'm not sure where water is coming in from, the splashwell buckets have no bottom drains so it's not coming in from the bottom. Make sure that the two bottom bolt on the motor are sealed well with Rule, we have seen them leak if Sillicone or 5200 is used. there should be a drain plug on each side of the bilge, about 3" from the botton and about 2' from the rear, try opening them and see if water did not migrate to the bottom of the boat. Make sure that the seam along the keel stringer is sealed well also. Let us all know how you are doing.