Extra Eyehole?


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Had a close call over the weekend.
Crossed a rather large wake and noticed that the anchor had come loose on the roller bracket.
Moments later it came off and launched under the boat...
I got the engine idled pretty quick but it made all kinds of racket and really freaked me out, we were doing about 30 knots.
One of the guests said there was water coming out of the bow which really made the situation worse.
I turned on the bilge pump and headed for a nearby sandbar so I could get out and look.
So what I found was a some minor marring on the bow and this hole that is clearly drilled there for some reason directly in line with the eye on the bow.

Anyone know what it's for?
It's clearly not battle damage.

My boat stays in the water for long periods and I don't see it from the outside too often...


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