First review 215CC comparing to 195cc


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Middle River
I have had the 215cc for a month now and have spent time reworking my lift and adding options. The radio did not work. I just finished replacing that. No anchor tensioner, so I added one. No foot rest so added that(really needed with the leaning post when sitting) and also purchased the back rest from Merrit for the cooler seat.

What do I like verses the 195cc
The front really flares out to keep you drier in the rough water, The cockpit area still sits low at the back and easy to reach the water when pulling crab traps, I like the leaning post over the captain chairs and the t-top is nice with rods up top and shade. Lots of room to move around the back and front when fishing. More storage but still not much dry storage. Fish boxes nice but useless for anything but wet items since not dry? They do tend to bang when running in rough water. No more needing to drop that dang transom door when needing to trim up. Bolsters are nice but....

What do I miss from the 195cc
Front hoseshoe seating. This was better for the wives hanging out talking. Also filler panel is easy to put in and out. I do have the platform and cushion option on the 215 but very heavy and harder to put in and out.
My 195 did not have bolster cushions on the boat. This sound strange but all cushions and rear seats were removable so no need to worry about the sun destroying items. My boat sits on a lift all summer with just the console and captian seating area covered. Sun will kill the bolsters(hope 303 uv protectant works). The back seat rests on the 215 can be removed but protruding hooks remain. The step up to the front is a hazard. I cannot reach the inner hull drain while on my lift. I do get some prop chatter on 215cc with my ss prop at minimum RPM in gear. Probally not the boat but motor. Strange since they are both essentially the same motors. Very little trim or speed increase and this goes away. Those ping pong ball scuppers on the 215 will drive me nuts, but radio install will solve this. 195CC drains way better out the scuppers. It is not bad on the 215 but bad design since water always sits in the transom.