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Love this chip!
But as I found out again yesterday for a friend that was having problems getting his to work... This is not a simple Plug in the chip and Play process to get it to work as you see in the various video's and articles I have written on it ;)

Basically, you need to work though about 4 pages of step by step programming (well laid out so easy to follow and needs to be taken in order) to get it all dialed in. And just as important at the same time, shut down items that are on by default, that can not only slow down system response, but also clutter up the screen with items you may not need... So I attached here, the programming guide from ISLA Mapping and found a video they created to help.

I highly recommend watching the video 1st to help you maneuver around the various menu's and have printed out so you can follow it in order, the file I attached and with you on the Boat along with some cool drinks :cool:

And if you are interested in the product for use in Florida and now Louisiana, you can find more information here:

And remember... ISLA charts run exclusively on NAVICO equipment (SIMRAD, B&G, and Lowrance). All other unit manufacturers are not supported so if you are considering getting this chart and looking at using and / or upgrading your present GPS gear you will need one of those units. I would also consider this product a way to save on towing or time loss on the water, by being to help keep you from getting hung up on some Oyster Bed or Sand Bar (been there done that in new water myself) so that helps offset the costs for sure...

And do let them know Dave from Performance Outdoors.Net sent you when you reach out to them!



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