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This Forum Section as many here already know, is near and dear to my heart. Running Mangrove creeks, working grass flats and Oyster beds looking for Reds, Trout and Snook the size of a Standard Poodle to go pick a fight with, on lures, is my drug of choice :D

So tell us about your Skiff, how is it equipped what you love, and what would you do different? What cool upgrades have you made, and even more important, real world product reviews that you would like to share :)

Unlike most boats where every foot is important, with Skiffs every inch is... And just as critical in some cases is weight, this as you are looking to run or poll in a foot or less of water :p

And as always unlike other sites, we subscribe to the thought process that they "all" have merit and need to work for your needs! This and not that one maker just because of X factor "always" makes it better than all the others on the market ;) This is a think tank where we all share ideas and help each other out in making our rigs best suit our needs :)

So it is with great pleasure, that I get to christen this new forum section and really looking forward to your ideas, pictures and videos :cool:

Not open for further replies.