Fuel System


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Hey guys just finished the annual service on my engine. No surprises there, just make sure to align the prop gear shift shaft on the lower unit correctly.
What I really wanted to share was a new fuel water separator and I replaced my fuel flow sensor and got it functioning.
Everyone in my area has water/fuel problems. I was going thru a couple of water separators a month so I decided to try a Quickveiw system with a sump. Extremely easy to replace.
Fuel flow says Im getting about 2-2.5 between 26-30MPH. We had an "average load" two adults over 3/4 fuel and a loaded cooler in the bow. Nearly ideal conditions 5knts with a light chop
2008 Yamaha F250 3 blade SS Saltwater 19 15 1/4 prop.
I'm impressed with the numbers my self.