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Speaking of Gemlux products and their awesome inside the hull, drain system that will be on my next Skiff as discussed here:

Some here may not know, or be totally aware, of the full range of Quality Marine Hardware and products they actually make! I have upgraded several components on my Skiffs over the years, to Gemlux Products (mostly hatch hinges) and did not have failure from that point forward... Here is a quick video that may help explain why I and others have not ;)

And you can find more product support and install ideas on many, if not all (there is a lot of them!) of their product line here:

So if you are looking for a quality replacement parts, working on a major restoration. This or building a new Skiff for Boat for yourself, take the time to see if has the little Gemlux symbol on the parts like this below...


While making your possible next Skiff / Boat buying selection. This or specify they do get added to your custom build, you will be thankful later ;)

gem logo.png
You can find out more able them, as well as shop in their great online store here:

Or reach them direct on this link:

Also note that I found while researching information in the past for inside the hull drain component, as well as this article this great little Support reminder!

And do let them know the guys from Performance Outdoors.Net sent you if you reach out to them!

Tight Lines!