Going naked, bare bunks


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We all know carpet looks nice on bunks and makes one feel better when our toys slide up the carpet rather than any hard surface. It's there any issue going bare bunks? I want to remove the carpet and if the wood is in great condition leave it that way. Here's what I want to accomplish with this idea...

1. Ensuring to smooth down any rough edges, the boat would slide off and on the trailer smoother, putting way less pressure on the weak point in these boats, the bow eye. Wet wood is crazy slippery when wet.

2. Won't need to dunk the truck to load and unload

3. The wood will be able to breathe and dry out after every dunk. (dunks over 50 times a season)

4. Checking your bunks will never again be a guessing game, checking the condition real time is as good as it gets

5. I find wood to be pleasing to the eye, especially if stained a nice colour if that's at all possible

What do you all think? These boats are plastic so we have more room to experiment with these things. Aluminum is a no go with treated lumber, fiberglass gel coat can scratch easily (no beaching) but Triumph owners can do these things. Im trying to figure out if carpet is actually required or is it a thing people have done for ages and we just continue down that same path. A galvanized trailer with nice wood looks pleasing to the eye along with an the benefits listed above.