Helm pump


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Hello everyone,

I am hoping someone can help me out? I have a 2004 191 SC. I need a new helm pump. The boat has the tilt steering that connects to the pump. I found this place called Merritt Marine. I wanted to get the proper pump from them. However, the guy just told me to order the regular one and not the pro, and all should be good. I just wanted to pay their price and get the right one. That was not an option, as the guy must have been busy. I ordered it from Amazon. Of course, it was the wrong one. I took the pump out, but it has no markings on it other than Made in Canada.

It has four bolts that holds it in behind the tilt steering mechanism. Does anyone know the model # that I should order?

My wife brought up eBay. It looks like I need the rear mount one? I put it all back together so that I would not forget how to do it. My mechanical skills are limited as well as my memory.

Just a little history on the boat. I bought it last year. My wife and I took it out for about 2 hours in the Chesapeake Bay last year. It was too rough for her so I was only able to go about 5 mph. Never got to drive it. It had less than 80 hours. My nephew took it to Lake Anna with his crew this year.

He said the steering was not good, and made noise. By way of googling, from all appearances, the check valves in the helm are the culprit.

Hopefully, I can add one more question? It has a 115 hp Mercury 4 stroke. Any suggestions for the best prop? No tubing, skiing, etc.. Just a nice ride for my wife.