How I Made a Enclosure on a Triumph 191 Fish & Ski


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  1. I cut the clear vinyl to the size I needed it for the side pieces and hung the clear vinyl from the bimini top using 3 snaps leaving a extra 4 inches on all sides to be trimmed off later.
  2. I cut a piece of the white vinyl to go along the sides from the back of the boat to the front of the windshield leaving 4 extra inches on all sides to be cut off later. The part of the side that gets sewed to the window I folded over the edges and sewed it creating a finished edge.
  3. I then took the clear vinyl and sewed it to the finished edge of the white vinyl. I found out the hard way that the clear vinyl does not slide under the foot of the sewing machine so I had to rub a small amount of vegetable oil on the clear vinyl for it to properly feed through the sewing machine.

  4. I then sewed a strip of Velcro to the side piece where the side will connect to the front windshield. I used Velcro with a sticky back but would not recommend it. The sticky back causes the sewing needle to clog up and break the thread.

  5. Do the same for the other side.
  6. For the front I cut a piece of clear vinyl for the windshield again 4 inches bigger on all sides than you need and hung it from the bimini top with 3 snaps.
  7. I cut a piece of white vinyl to go along the windshield between the boats windshield and the front of the enclosure. I folded the edge over on the white vinyl and sewed a finished edge and sewed the finished edge to the bottom of the enclosure windshield.
  8. It was at this point where I started adding snaps to the bottom and top of the front of the enclosure to attach it to the windshield. I started from the center and worked my way out. There is many more snaps on the front than the sides and I found the center of the front to be a weak point so this area required snaps every 4 inches.
  9. For the sides of the enclosure windshield were the front meets the side pieces of the enclosure I measured the triangle shaped piece of white vinyl with the sides hung and the front hung. After the measuring was done I sewed all four corners of the side triangle pieces of the enclosure windshield to get a finished edge.

  10. I then sewed the side triangle pieces to the windshield after marking with a dry erase marker on the windshield on where the pieces have to attach.
  11. Then I sewed the Velcro to the side of the windshield were it attaches to the sides.
  12. I started installing the rest of the snaps starting in the center of the windshield and working my way out to the sides and then toward the back.
  13. After the snaps were on I marked with a pencil where I want the finished edge to be on the bottom of the enclosure and sewed all edges and trimmed off all excess.
  14. Now came the testing. I took over 70 snaps to hold up to 55mph behind my truck going into a 10 to 15mph wind. The one thing I found is the air would rush over the enclosure and come rushing in the back pushing out the sides and breaking the front of the sides loose. I sewed 2 Velcro straps to each side attaching the sides to the windshield frame. This seemed to solve the problem with the sides letting loose.

  15. I ran a bead of super glue along all the sewed edges of the clear vinyl for added strength. 

Some things I wish I did differently
  1. I wish I put zippers on the top were the sides attach to the enclosure for more holding power and it would have been a lot cheaper. The snaps were $5 for 7 snaps.
  2. The sides should have attached to the 45 degree angle part of the gunwale instead of the flat top part.
  3. I wish I made the sides go a little farther back.
  4. I should have bought Velcro with no adhesive. The adhesive gets gunked up on the needle and breaks the thread. Every 5 inches I had to use goo gone to clean the needle.

Things still to come.
  1. I have to make a back.
  2. I want to add 2 bars to wedge on the top of the bimini to hold it open instead of using the back straps that get in the way when fishing.
  3. Put zippers in the windshield for airflow when just trolling around.