Hull Leaking? 150CC


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Just went fishing this Sunday after letting the boat sit on the trailer in my garage for three months. While we were anchored a short distance from our private launch area the bilge pump would cycle on every 3 to 5 minutes and run for a few minutes. This is the first time while in calm water that this has happened. Obviously we are taking on water somewhere. The only fittings below waterline are on the transom and the two drain holes for the two forward fish lockers which were plugged from inside the boat so I don't believe water could get inside the hull from there. My Triumph is a 2007 model 150CC and shortly after purchase I added trim tabs, but I was liberal with the use of Sudbury Elastomeric as a caulk in each of the screw holes. The other possible places for a leak could be the intake for the front seat live well. But I pulled the boat from the water and used a transom plug to plug this inlet yet when we put the boat back in the water the same problem occurred repeatedly. Does anyone have any ideas as to the possible fittings or thru hulls that could be causing a leak. I do also have a swim platform/ladder mounted to the starboard side of transom with mounting screws below waterline and the only remaining thru hull fittings would be the mounting bracket for the speedometer fitting and a small transducer for a fish finder and of course the thru bolts that secure the metal support plate and outboard to the boat which is a 50 HP 4 stroke Suzuki two of which are above the waterline and two are below the waterline. I have read in some other threads that their are leak problems with other Triumph models but since there are limited 150CC models out there nothing specific as to my model. I certainly could benefit from a schematic of the interior plumbing of the boat for items like the deck drains and the two drains in the well forward of the tansom for water taken over the stern and the live well and rod holder drains that would help me to diagnosis where my leak may be. I do see a lot of clear vinyl tubing and fittings below deck. Any suggestions as to how to diagnose my problem would be greatly appreciated. My first thought is to re caulk all the fittings and screws thru the transom below waterline. The transom stainless steel bilge drains with the O rings seem to be watertight?? I'm at a loss right now and my wife is nervous in being in the boat with the bilge pump constantly cycling and pumping out water.