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Here is a brief tutorial on installing an inner hull drain in the Triumph Boats 235cc:

On the transom, locate and mark a spot 3.5 inches left (port) of the center line of the hull (along the dead rise), and 2.25 inches up (90 degrees to the dead rise) and drill a small pilot hole. Stand by for water to come out! After it drains, use the pilot hole as a guide to drill a 1-inch hole. (The angle of the attached photo makes the holes look like different diameters, both are 1").

Clean everything and remove some of the inner hull foam to make room for the drain. Run the 1" drill bit in and work out some of the foam. I am using a garboard drain (image) with a captured drain plug, so it requires a bit more space, so I removed a bit more foam. It looks as if the hole you just drilled is above the bilge drain, and it is, but it is in the inner hull. It is the lowest point in the inner hull. The bilge drain is in a different compartment.

In the photo depicting a cross section of the hull (you're looking aft), the location for the inner hull drain is the triangular shaped area to the right and left of the "V" shaped structure. I chose to go left (port), but you could choose to mount one to the right (starboard). That "V" shaped structure separates the open bilge from the inner hull, and it creates the open space between the bilge where your bilge pump is, and the bilge drain plug at the transom. Use only Elastomeric adhesive and install the new drain.


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