Inner hull water?



I am changing out the speedometer gauge with a tach gauge on my Logic 17', would rather have RPM info than the inaccurate speed. So I removed the pitot off the stern's hull and the piece of tubing (full of water) that was threaded through the bilge from the gauge to the pitot. When I removed the screws that held the pitot on, a gallon or so of water came dripping out of the lower screw hole. My boat has been garaged for a week with the bilge drains opened - no water coming out of them. I have the front of the boat lifted as high as the trailer's tongue jack will permit to assist in draining the bilge. I didn't see any residual water in the transom/stern area below/behind the fuel tank. From what I can tell the screw hole is located below the bilge. Is this possibly inner hull water that I read about on here? Debating whether to use Rule to seal the screw holes or weld them closed using a stick of Roplene and the welder. Obviously need to wait until it has fully drained and dried. I don't think it is enough water to be a concern or cause for installing an inner hull drain? Went out to check this morning and there is a small puddle again from additional draining last night.


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You are probably right about it not being enough water to worry about. The 170 model has never been known to have a water problem,at least not enough to cause a lot of extra weight in the hull. I would seal it with Roplene and be done with it.


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I agree with Friday. Let it drain a few days, then reweld.