Is my tank full?


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195CC - 2006 - I haven't able to get a confirmation from reading what the fuel cap is. I think it is 45 gallons, but I've read other figures, too.

I've also read about issues trying to fill up the tank. The first couple time I had fuel come out the fuel vent. Then I read about that issue on this form, and I started back-blowing into the vent before filling up. Since then, the fuel pump will pump no problem until it auto-shutoffs. Because I had to replace some pumps, I had the bilge hatch open, and this is what I've found for what I was thinking has been a "full" tank. Today, I also found wires broken that caused the fuel gauge to stop working. Now that I fixed that, it shows 3/4 tank, so I'm not sure that I am better off from when I was not back-blowing into the vent, because that is what it was showing before after filling until fuel spilled out.