Launching via crane


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Just purchased a 2004 170cc. First boat. I have a local ocean pier that will launch with a crane. It requires three points to clip to, not a sling type. Anyone know if the rear trailer ratchet clips and the front trailer attachment points would be sufficient and/or advisable for connection points? Thanks for any advice. Looking forward to seeing how this boat feels in the water.

I’m also going to be replacing the throttle cable. Any advice on length and process would be greatly appreciated.


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This may help...

Now the disclaimer and my personal opinion ;)

That was video made made many years ago and now, the factory went the way of T Rex... So could you lift her that way, sure appears you can without pulling one free as per that video. But, you no longer have a Factory Present to back up that statement or even repair it "if" one pulled out and as such, I would not even try it without a sling under that hull. Just not worth the gamble in my eyes for once it is broken, that is not some simple filling in of a small screw hole with a torch and some rod hull material type of repair.

Hope this helps?