Let me ask again..? Inner hull saturation.


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Spanish Fort
I have had some replies and researched this site for an answer as to why my little 150 boat sits so stern heavy in the water. To correct the problem I filled the fish lockers with rocks to keep the bow down. It was so bad I could not see over the bow to idle out of the harbor where I launch. Granted..I have an exceeding heavy engine of 365lbs. Is that the simple problem or is my "inner hull foam" saturated with water? Should I drill a hole to see? Would it drain even with a hole? It seems foam would retain water by tension but maybe on a plane it would drain.

My last boats would not absorb water into the foam past 2%. Did Triumph put an absorbing foam in their boats so if any water got into the inner hull it has no where to go?

The fact that my low in the water stern..very very low, concerns me much. At least my ballast in the lockers have gotten the boat level in the water but I think still way too low in the water causing it to submarine into swells.

Any..all...advice..would be deeply appreciated. Please let me know what you think. Why is my boat so out of kilter?

James Boyce