Looking for a ss 4 blade prop recommendation


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Okay so I went out yesterday to test both props. Water was calm and winds weren't bad. The yamaha reliance series hauls balls!! No joke I got the boat up to 5800 rpm and 48mph. Still decided to go with the enertia propeller over all. Other than the reliance being a speed demon I couldn't stay on plane under 4200 rpm. I would fall off and pop back on though. The same conditions with the enertia I was able to put around on plane down to 3500 rpm. My fishing buddy got me a dope military watch that measures distance traveled and all kinds of other fun gadgetry. Saturday we went rock fishing 54 mile round trip and 10 miles of that was at wide open throttle to get under some working birds... was hoping yellowtail lol. Trip average broke down to 4.9 mpg. If this is the case then an honest game changer in range were able to get with our yamaha f150's