Make sure you secure your Gear and Crew before you go hit the Pass!


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Only one word comes to mind when I saw this coming.... Eject!

But it looks like she saved her phone, holding it up like a Trophy :rolleyes:

And here is Royal Idiot number 387 for the Year, with his super High Tech Bimini Top / Drag Chute / Kite Surfing Upgrade!

Let's play Submarine can you say "Dive, Dive" and let's just call this a PDF "Test" since nobody has or can get one on :rolleyes:

You watch enough of these and you will learn what NOT to do when it comes to
  • Handling a small craft in such conditions.
  • The true meaning of the words "All sick and Sideways"
  • How to Overload your boat and play Submarine.
  • And IF you want to fish Offshore in any kind of Seas.... Get a CAT Hull! Those dudes "Slide" through there like Snakes on Glass ;)


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All were going to fast for the conditions. Most boats can handle those seas with ease, but if you drive / boat recklessly, you pay the price. Last weekend we ended up in 5-6 foot seas/swells, and high winds. Scary yes, but slow was the name of the game, and returned home all safe.