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I was invited to visit and take a tour of "Marine Detail Supply" in Ft. Myers by their Managing Director / John Watkins, and it was an awesome and very education visit! Of course for myself, going to a Detail Supply Facility is like a Candy Store... This as I look over all the Chemicals, Tools, and specialized Buffer Pads. I have to be careful and keep my hands on my camera and off of my wallet for sure! I already have an entire toolbox setup just for detailing tools and supplies :cool:




And what was impressive, was our discussion and on the line of "Starke" Yacht Surface Technologies products they make, that are especially designed and targeted for Maine (Salt Water and high UV) use, that your typical Automotive Paint sealants and ceramic coatings, would not have the same level chemical bonding properties for them survive very long in such a harsh environment.


Now, something that might be if special interest and consideration to our members here that live Up North... These same ceramic coatings intended for Marine use, would hold up well when they are laying down Road Salt in the winter months. Thus, would also, be a great cross-over product choice for year round protection under those conditions for your Truck, SUV, or basically any Automobile type of application at the same time!
Like any good paint or surface sealant though (no matter the brand employed) surface prep is the paramount! There are simply no short cuts to doing it correctly and if you need some basic tips and steps to consider, this starter thread might come in handy:

John and I though are in total agreement, that most sealant applications fail in the POP factor, or even in holding up as intended. Due to not taking the time or the needed steps, for surface prep, so proper chemical bonding stages take place on Paint Clear or Gel Coat surfaces. It is really not the time to cut corners or steps IF you want a quality job the very 1st time!

Here is a great write up posted on their Site that John created, to help one understand what could be needed (pending on the present condition of the surface) to get it ready for their products:

Part two on the actual application of the coating post surface prep:

And lastly, how to keep it looking great while helping it stay intact as long as possible, after all that loving care and work! Improper washing is the root cause of failures and simply not very logical or cost effective for that matter... To spend all this time and effort (much less funds) only to not maintain it correctly later on! Using the same washing processes and chemicals as before, will negate much if not all of that hard work and protection!

Really though, John is an expert on this system (heck of a nice guy also) and those are excellent guides he has created, to help you understand the full scope of the system and how to keep it intact and looking great! If followed correctly, it will give you a great ROI (Return on Investment) to help protect your expensive toys.


Now some might be thinking "Dave, I don't have those tools and have a hard enough time just Washing and Waxing my rides..." No worries Brother, for they have developed trained installers on these products just for you, and adding more all the time. Those installers can be found on this link:

If you would like to secure some more information on this system, or pick up some other targeted detailing supplies several options are open to you!

1. They are going to be at the Ft. Myers Boat Show starting later today, and I was there as they were putting the final touches on one of the most organized and super sharp display trucks I have ever seen! It is a awesome rolling test bed and store for their line of products, and I was lucky enough to watch them (and how) they work on it and both see feel, the differences before and after as they were polishing and sealing sections of it...


2. You can reach them direct here: or here: and any of the guys can help you select the best products for your needs. And, not only paint correction and sealant supplies, but the tools to help you do the job as best as possible even with the tools that you may now have... This for not all of us (myself included even though I have 3 buffers in various sizes) need to spend mega bucks on commercial grade tools. We typically will not use them enough to justify spending that level of cash for some ;)

3. You can call them direct at 844-522-6266

4. Also, feel free to send me a PM here on the Site if you have some questions, and I will be Most Happy to help and if I cannot, trust me I know a guy who can!

So, really looking forward to working with John and the Team some more in the near future, on some projects that I will document with before and after shots. This as well as a Podcast with John when I can nail him down long enough to record one! In the meantime though, do feel free to send me your questions and we will do our best to cover and or include them on the Show.

Now, get out there and clean and protect your expensive toys so, you are spending more time on the water, and less time cleaning it! The Protection and Resale value as you move up to even Bigger and Better Toys more than covers your investment in time and materials... And as I have denoted in the past, I will gladly spend hundreds for thousands in return!

Thanks again John and Team for taking the time to show me around during your busy day, as we Geek-ed Out on this topic with me!

Time to see some example (always dig Before and After shots) of your work be it your New Skiff / Boat, or Boat Restoration Project. This or one of your Tow Vehicles that needed some love and now really POPS with that mirror like shine :cool:

And do let them know Dave from Performance Outdoors.Net sent you when reach out to them!

My Best,