Maui Jim Sunglasses


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Great concept! I just cant leave Maui Jim. Bought my first pair of Maui Cats in 88 and have owned dozens of pairs since.

I usually have 3 pairs of "Island Time" in rotation. One in the truck, one at work and one in the garage. I get about a year out of each pair, with Croakies.

Their customer service is untouchable. If I break a pair, in any way, I send them back to the factory and they send me a new pair for $60.

I'm in such good standing with them that they put me on their VIP list in 02 and send me a free pair every 2 years. I also get a bunch of 50-75% off cards.

In fact, if anyone wants a MJ 50% off key, DM me and I'll send it to you. I've got like 5 cards kicking around that need to be used in the next few months.
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