New 195 CC owner w/ questions!


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Hi Folks,

I just picked up a 2006 195 CC with the Yamaha F115TXR that has 200 hrs. Needless to say, I'm super stoked to get this thing running for SoCal inshore, island, and offshore fishing. Below I've got a bit of a random assortment of questions to help me get started. I did just pay for access to the boat owner forum, so I will be doing more reading and searching.

1. Previous owner took off the fish finder transom transducer. I will be putting my own on, but what is the recommended way to seal up the holes. Plastic welding or is elastomeric good enough?

2. I don't have a fuel water filter, and am thinking about installing one. Are there any best practices? I see a port side fuel hose and pump to the outboard. Should I just mount the filter on the transom with some fasteners completely through?

3. The t-top was taken off by the previous owner and I put it back on. I have rubber spacers that the previous owner mentioned was used to in between the center console and the t-top tubes. But I don't see room, and from what I can tell, it looks like when the t-top was previously installed, it was metal to center console contact. Where are the rubber spacers used? I see aftermarket T-tops for this boat don't necessarily fasten to the CC. Do I even need to worry about this?

4. CC lockdown latch... I have one where the keeper (the piece that mounts to the flip-over portion of the console) is broken. I've tried searching for hardware like this and can't find any. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement, or if there are any other solutions? I find the ability to have a padlock is nice because I'll be keeping the boat in storage but have to park on the street the night before/after fishing days.

5. Previous owner took off the pulpit anchor roller or whichever hardware was there, because he put on a trolling motor, which he took off. Is there a standard part for me to replace to I can mount the anchor?

6. Bow cushions... the 2 side cushions are missing. I haven't been able to find a "factory" replacement. Should I just go and have them replaced with a "custom?" Also, I notice there are snaps on the back of the 2 center cushions. Should there be/can there be snaps on the decking that the cushions snap in to? I see some extra holes on the bow deck, but they are perfectly spaced/located, so I'm not sure they are for cushion snaps.

Okay - I think that is enough to start with. Thanks for reading!

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