New 2006 215cc triumph owner. My first boat I've owned.


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Hello everyone. Very glad to have found and joined this site. It's already been invaluable.
I just bought a 2007 215cc with T-Top. Been out once and love this boat. Easy to maintain and rides great!

But like everyone else who has bought used, I have some things I need to fix and I prefer to use original parts if available. Does anyone know of any suppliers of parts? Nothing major, I need to replace the locks on the electronics panel as you can't trust anyone anymore. Also, does anyone know why the speedometer doesn't work? I have to assume it is linked to the engine directly like the tach but I had an old runabout that used a tube and water pressure lol. The gauges are all clouded up so I may look to replace them all at some point.

Look forward to any of your wonderful knowledge.
Welcome aboard brotha! So the lock you can call Merritt Marine. They will have the oem ones. Or you could just look for some say perko style ones lol. The speedometer not registering could be a couple things. For me cause mine did the same thing too was a small tiny o-ring on the lower unit. My buddy showed me how to swap the impeller... asked me if my speedo wasn't working and bam stupid easy fix lol. Also Merrit Marine will most likely have the full cluster you want as well. Im thining of getting a new breaker panel just cause mine is pretty beat up lol. Anyways hope that helps you out and tight lines brotha. Last where are you boating out of?


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Rhode Island
Thank you very much for the information. It is greatly appreciated. I'll investigate and replace the o-ring and impeller if necessary.
I'm in Rhode Island doing most of my boating In Narragansett Bay and hope to spend more time in Long Island Sound. Also expect to teach the grandkids to waterski so plan on some lake time as well. We don't have many good, large lakes her.
How about yourself?
Stay safe and watch out for the idiots.