New 215 owner here.


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Hello all!

I'm a new 215 owner. I was a prior Key West 1900 Sportsman owner but wanted something with a little more room and a little more stability to run the ocean with. I'm an avid offshore guy.

I looked at a lot of boats and was thinking of trying to get something in the 21-23 range that was hardly used and fairly new rigged with a T-top and a 4 stroke. After looking around at every make under the sun the Triumph just kept sticking in my head. I had seen the Triumphs at a fall boat show in Vero Beach and I really liked them. They have great lines and the swept back look of the T-top really sets the boat apart; lots of storage room and plenty of room to box a gaffer bull dolphin before he goes nuts on the deck.

After doing a good bit of bargaining I got a leftover 2007 rigged with the fish package and a 150 Yam 4-strk for what I would've paid for one of the other brands used. The only thing that gave me concern was the ropelene technology.

That's where this resource came in handy. I did a lot of researching on the web, found the thread on TheHullTruth bashing the boats, found some good info on Tidal Fish and found lots of information on the old Logics. After pouring through the threads here I felt the technology was sound and for the life of me couldn't figure out that, if the brand was so bad, why wasn't there more of them for sale used? I'm old enough to remember the first fiberglass boat in the marina and all the old timers bashing them and now look where we're at.

So thanks to all the Mods and members here; I was able to garner quite a bit of information and felt really comfortable in my purchase. I finally got her rigged up late last week with the sounder, chartplotter and radio and I'm waiting for this wind to lay down a bit and I'm going to run her out of the inlet.

Kindest Regards,

Kevin Fay


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Welcome aboard Kevin and welcome to the Triumph Owners Club! :)


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Welcome Kevin.

Glad you found us.

These are GREAT boats. Your back and knees will appreciate what you have done for them.

We love our 2005 210 CC.


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Welcome aboard Kevin,
I hope you enjoy your Triumph as much as I've enjoyed mine. I'm on my second one now.I started with the 170CC in 2004 and just purchased my 2008 195CC two months ago. You'll find plenty of information on this site and a lot of Triumph boat lovers. Good luck and enjoy your new toy.
John D.


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Welcome Kevin, I for one am glad you could see through the smoke and mirrors of the other sites tha bash our boats. You were correct when you made your choice to buy a Triumph. I still cant believe I own one and I am always looking forward to the next time I can get it out on the water. Anyway, congrats on your new baby and please post many pics soon. I am excited for you, Enjoy!! Roger

unkl jessie

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You will be glad you bought one of our 'plastic boats'! I have had mine since '01. And Vic is correct in telling you about saving the knees and back. I have both of these bad joints and have been in other fiberglass boats wishing I was in my boat due to the pain encountered riding with my fishing friends.



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Kevin, your going to enjoy the 215. A couple of friends of mine had 210's, and that got me interested in the Triumph line of boats. My first Triumph was a new 2005 150 CC that I had for nearly 2 years. I then bought a used 2004 190 Bay, and sold the 150 CC.