New bilge pump in 191 fish-n-ski (2005) & some water in the hull


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Old pump float switch stopped working, tried cleaning, no joy.

Removed screws from the cage on the old bilge pump, and water started flowing out of the inner hull, slow flow....kept doing this for a few hours, I'd guess 4 or 5 gal. or so total.

My inner hull drains, just on either side of the bilge pump open fine, no water there....

Anyway, need to install new bilge pump. The screw holes in the new cage align exactly with the old one (still a Rule, but a newer model with a different cage).

What do you think is the best method to glue & screw it back in place? What glue/sealant would be best? Don't know if that's where the water got in originally, but I'd rather not let any back in now.

Also, should I be concerned about 4-5 gal of water in the hull? Again at the slightly higher inner hull drains above the bilge, no water...



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I don't know the configuration of the 191 or where your bilge pump is installed, but I hear this same description over and over about trying to seal holes from the inner hull to keep water in the bilge from getting back in. The short answer is, regardless of the model of Triumph......Don't bother. You can't. While you might be successful in sealing the holes at the bilge pump, water is going to get into the inner hull from many many different places and any attempts to seal it off at the lowest points will only serve to trap it in the inner hull more. You want the inner hull to drain into the bilge at the lowest points in the hull so the bilge pumps can evacuate all the water below deck. (bilge & inner hull water). You will never be able to seal the deck enough to prevent water from making it's way down into the inner hull. Concentrate your efforts on getting all the water out.

I cut in drains from every possible area of the inner hull I could get access to and this allowed any trapped water to make it's way to the stern bilge area where the pumps remove it. The result is, when I return home with the boat on the trailer and pull the hull's drain plugs........ There is NO water draining. (inner hull or bilge.) As in bone dry. So I'm assured that I'm not carrying around a few hundred pounds of trapped water during the boat's use. Yes, the sealed inner hull design is a wishful concept, but with these small vessels, it just does not work good enough in reality.
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