New Forum just to help lower your Blood Pressure "without" the use of Medication!

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Heading out or heading back in... Many of us have some relaxing tunes playing on the Boat. Personally, I feel it all sounds better on the Skiff as the Sun is
setting over the water :cool:

17%27 SKIFF IMAGE 2.jpg


Unfortunately, we just cannot do that each day, but the stress at times is simply relentless :confused: So for those times, I find it is good to fire up those very same tunes if nothing else, to help put my mental state of being back on the Skiff :) And so the design intent for this Forum that Randy and I thought would be nice... Is to share the links to those tunes that "Bring you Back" to that same relaxed mental state, no matter where you may be and even at the office. This while working on another project that again, has another impossible deadline, way into the night :(

So Welcome the Boat Tunes section, and let's hear your choice of smooth sounds that will help drop all of our collective Blood Pressures by at least 30 PSI. This and "Bring you Back" to that favorite Sunset in your mind... :cool:

Pine Island Sunset.jpg

I feel more relaxed already.... :)

vaya con Dios,
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