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Will pick up my new 2005 210 CC with a 2005 Yamaha 150 2 stroke on this Friday (September 2). I have the fishing package, SS prop, trim tabs and T-top enclosure. I can't wait to get this boat on the water!

I had the dealer install the T-top enclosure as well as my electronics. I chose a Garmin combo GPS/Fishfinder. It is the GPSMAP 198C with the detailed blue charts loaded already on the unit. Got the Icom M302 VHF and the JBL MR17S Sirius ready AM/FM/CD player. Went with 4 speakers instead of 2. (2 - 6x9 on the side of the CC and 2 - 6 1/2 under the helm on the CC)

I plan to add a seperate Fishfinder at a later date and use the combo unit as GPS only.

I'm going to buy some fishing gear this week. Boater's World has a Penn Senator 4/0 Combo rod and reel on sale for $99. I plan to purchase 4 of those for blue water fishing and a couple of spinning reels for ICW trout fishing. I also found a couple of Penn downriggers there that will mount in the rear rodholders. I can't pull myself to drill holes in this boat yet to mount them on the stern. They have a 36" reach so I think I will be ok.

Anyway, happy fishing!


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Hey Tarheelborn! Congratulations on the new boat. Sounds sweet! Be sure to post some pictures when you get her!

Mike in Woodlands

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Your boat really sounds like a sweet ride.

As previously mentioned, post some pics when you get her, maybe before you get her broke in right with fish blood. LOL

You'll like the Garmin unit. The fish finder function works pretty good also. When I am fishing I full screen the sounder, but I split the screen; sounder and map when running.

What do you primarily fish for offshore?


Mike - Thanks. I am really excited! It has been 15 years since I have owned a boat. I grew up on the coast of NC and had them growing up. I moved to Raleigh about 15 years ago and sold my boat shortly after that. I usually fish for Dolphin, Wahoo, King, Spanish, and Tuna.


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I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous. A fully loaded boat. NICE.


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So life does begin at 40!!
Seriously sounds like your getting set up great. I cant wait to see the photos!


Got back from my long weekend with the new boat! WOW, is all I can say! Very smooth ride and had lots of people asking about the boat. Was very shocked when a person with a 32' Contender had nothing but great things to say about the boat and this guy is very opinionated (I really wasn't expecting any compliments from him but he surprised me). I broke the motor in on the first couple of days and as the weekend went on the boat increased in speed at WOT. The first few times I got it to WOT, it ran about 45 mph and by Monday, WOT was up around 49 mph. It could have been a combination of the motor breaking in as well as only having 3/4 of a tank of gas. The weekend consisted of riding around in the ICW mostly but went about 5 miles offshore on Friday afternoon and just floated out there. It is great to be on the water again in my OWN boat. Saturday and Sunday was ICW riding and hanging out at Brown's inlet. Nice place to pull up and hang out with friends.

Monday was a bit windy and had a very nervous moment. Against my better judgment, I wanted to see what the boat would do in some waves, so I went out of New River Inlet and at first it wasn't too bad. It was about 4' swells with about 6-8 seconds between swells. But I got a little out of the inlet and a set came in. This set was about 6-8 feet and about 2-4 seconds between swells. The waves were peaking as I hit them but the Triumph took them like a champ. None of the waves crashed over our bow but it is very spooky being at the bottom of a wave, looking around and all you see is water above you. After the set of about 5 waves was past us, I immediately turned around and headed back in. Once I got back in the fairly calm waters of the inlet, I removed my fingers from the helm (with a pair of pliers....LOL just kidding but not too far from the truth :eek: )and was able to breathe again. My girlfriend looked at me and said "man that was fun"....I didn't answer her immediately and she wanted to know what was wrong...I told her I was a bit nervous about the situation we were in and left it at that.

Anyway, overall I am very impressed with the boat and am very happy with my decision. Haven't had any problems with water retention in the boxes or anything like that. I just wished the drains for the transom well were at the level of the transom well and not a couple of inches above. It seems if they were, water retention in that area would cease. Also, the main storage compartment stayed dry through the whole weekend.

Oh yeah, adding the trim tabs was a great thing. Really helped out on Monday when it was rough in the ICW. I trimmed the bow down and the boat cut right through the chop. (The ICW had about 2' chop from the wind.)

I haven't downloaded all of the pictures I took but as soon as I do, I will post them so everybody can see.

I can't wait to do some fishing on this boat!