New owner of 2007 - need help with rust stains and bottom paint removal.


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Bought a 2007 with a Yamaha 115 after a long search. Everything is in nice shape except rust stains around boarding step and anchor locker is heavily stained. From what I read Spic and Span with bleach and a brass bristle brush is the best?

Also this boat has been bottom painted. Paint is thin in spot and just does not look that great. I will be trailering it so I do not need it. I believe the paint was applied in 2007 when boat was new. Any easy way to remove it? I did see a few pics where people looked like they got it off but plastic was stained (looked worse than the paint..). Also found one suggestion of sandblasting it off?? Any help would be great.

Thanks you! Excited to be an owner!
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