New section just for "Bass, Flats or Skiff" Projects!

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I know some of our Members are engaged in Bass Boat and Skiff Restoration projects and those transformations, are always enjoyable to watch and learn from! So we now have a new Forum here just for posting those projects as they progress.

Couple of things I would like to request to use this section to help keep track of each project :)

  1. In the title of the 1st posting, please denote the Model Year, Make and Model of your Project such as: 2010 East Cape, Fury This will help those looking for projects by being able to "visually" pick those off faster in the future. This since we do not have all of those builders (yet) in separate dedicated forums like we have for past Triumph Models and Projects.
  2. Takes lots of Before and After Pictures and Video's! Those really help tell your story as well as give others ideas to incorporate into their own projects.
  3. Talk about the products you used and how they performed? What would you in retrospect rather use or could have used differently to return even better results.
  4. If you found a product you really fell in love with let us know! We will be happy to reach out to them and see if that company would like to spend some time having a deeper dive on their product line and who knows... I might even drag you into being a guest host with me on a Podcast with them :cool:
  5. Any other tips or tricks you used that could help others is always welcome and most appreciated! The underpinnings of this Site is to HELP each other!
How does the above help you?
  • It provides a record of your time and efforts (cost if you would like to add such) that you can later share as well as solicit help from our large group of members here, many of them have already gone down this path and love to share their knowledge and help you.
  • Some of these projects are "Flip" projects, so having a detailed step by step record will help you secure a higher resale value.
  • And you can also use links to these project threads in your For Sale Classified Ads both here, and off of the Site ;)
If you need any help with posting content feel free to reach out to me via PM here on the Site, and will be happy to help this or send one of our great Recognized Leaders here on the Site to help Mentor you :D

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