New to me 2003 Bay 190


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Picked up a 2003 Bay 190 yesterday! Stumbled across it on eBay, and after some research realized the guy selling it worked around the corner from me. Dropped by, checked her out, took her for a spin, and here we are with another boat. It's in great shape for a 17 y/o boat and the Yamaha 115 runs like a top, which it should, considering it has around 200 hours on it. The guy owns a trailer shop, so he refurbished the original trailer too! My other boat is a 2005 Sea Fox 257 with a 275 Verado, and the difference towing the two is ridiculous. My truck doesn't even know the 190 is back there.

A little backstory on me and Triumph, we go back quite a few years. I work in the media, and at one time worked for a company that handled A/V for the Genmar national sales meeting. I got to test drive a Triumph back then, hit it with a hammer, drove it up onto a cement dock, and was just wowed by how tough they were. I looked for one back in 2005 when I bought my Sea Fox, but they were too small for my needs back then. Flash forward to the present day, and I knew I had to have this boat when I saw it.

All the best to my fellow owners, and thanks for all of the great info that helped with my buying decision.
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