Ok this will sound crazy but what do you think? Ballast


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Spanish Fort
My Logic came with a 60 hp 05, 4 stroke Suzuki from the former owner. This engine weighs 365 lbs. I can find no other 60, even newer , Suzukis that are 4 cylinders and heavy like this one. The boat originally came with a 40 hp 2 stroke but is rated for a 60. It weighs so much and with me and another adult in the boat the bow is pointing up oh at about 20 degrees. This was causing all sorts of problems so I did something that has been done for centuries yet I feel weird about it. I loaded up the front fish lockers with 140 pounds of rocks for ballast for an even keel.

Im on keel now but the bow will dig right into a swell and the boat runs really flat which is kinda nice but do you think I have done something dangerous for a little 15? I'm still under the weight limit but the boat feels funny while running fast, yet the funny is good. It is almost like driving a car down a smooth highway!

At least now as I idle out of the harbor I can see where I'm going.